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ADMS and the OSC


Welkom i’m mike van Oosterhout Working for the Royal Netherlands air force I am a firefighter for 20 years Now an instructor for 1 year

If been to former Yugoslavia and Afghanistan as an Air force firefighter And im a specialist is command and control rooms In the Netherlands.


Who are we We are the Fire and training Centre from the Royal Netherlands Air Force. We are the largest aircraft fire training Centre of Europe. We train military fire fighters to the rank of OSC (On Scene Commander) You call it a AFO (Airport Fire Officer)

And now a little introduction of the training centre Film


How do we train firefighters? 12 firefighters in 1 class but only 5 in one truck so we make teams for the training. a lot of country’s doing it on the same way i think.


How do we train our fire captains? The same way 12 in a class -1 fire captain -5 Firefighters -2 ambulance -1 Police -2 Ladder

In a role play it’s good to act like this


6 to 12 in a class but now we do not have to less people to role play


You know the problem i think. So that’s the best way to train an OSC


How does it look like?


To make it realistic we have the same ADMS airport as the people that have the airport module But the rest we have the same as in the Netherlands. fire fighters, Cars, Trucks and even the planes.


Now an example in the ADMS world. We are receiving a standby call from the control tower, no big problems the fire Capitan can handle it him self. But the OSC checks for problems or the fire Capitan has a problem he helps him. But with even one fire truck he can handle is ease

The landing gear brakes still no problem for the fire Capitan he can handle is self but the OSC is now checking the direction of the rockets and asks the fire Capitan if he needs help with it.

Now a big explosion, the fire captain needs help We have 2 pilots in the plane, rockets, only one has explode and we have a hydrazine problem Hydrazine is a very very chemical fluid. The runway has to close and the problem is still not fixed. The priority is the 2 pilots

He needs 1 extra brain to fix the problem.

DIA 10

A bigger problem. There is the Chinook helicopter no problem at all as you can see. On the background the OSC is not even interested as you can see.

Now the helicopter is running and there are 20 people in it. With big boxes in it. Still no problem

Now we have a fire and back door (ramp)is open The fire Capitan can handle it, if they can walk, no problem for the fire Capitan. But imagine the door is closed. Now the fire Capitan needs help.
He needs material to open the Ramp after he finish the fire outside. And it’s not on his cars so the OSC can all ready let a other car com with the right material. The fire Capitan can handle it but its faster to help him.

DIA 11

Oke now the fire Capitan needs a lot of help and cannot fix this on his one, he needs a lot of people to fix it and he only has 3 crash trucks, and he needs structure and cannot do that for himself because he is taking care of the plane. The OSC can provide the civilian fire trucks, give them a job to do and he can look around. The F16 is hit by the KDC-10 (the big plane) and needs help to.

But look closer

Look at the rockets and the plane in the background there are working people with fuel on it.

So we have a few problems. – A big plane, in 3 peaces maybe instable – F16 With Fire, unstable rockets and hydrazine – And a plane that’s refueling
The OSC makes a Priority list.

VRAGEN AAN DE GROEP== Ware is the priority?

Exactly the Big plane with a lot of people in it, and then he looks at the front, middle and tail as 3 separated pieces and as 3 different incidents and acts on that. Stable, how many people in it, how many are stuck, were do we leave the wounded
The refueling plane is an easy one, say to the tower that they have to leave and your problem solves in a few seconds.


The F 16 Needs help to so one truck there is the plane in the background is gone Are the rockets safe? what did the rocket specialist say about it? and check that question.

Ware are coming the Ambulances with there tents and helicopters.
Were can the police do for me? People leave the houses
Do we have to close roads

The 3 things the OSC asks himself do I have enough people, brains and material
People for the extra hands
Brains for specialists
Material to stable a plane, for pressurized air, etc

This is what repeats in the head of the OSC over and over again

So that are a few questions that the OSC needs to ask himself. This is our way to train and give an exam to a OSC

DIA 12

Old school this is the old way to train, it was a lot of work and the OSC had a helicopter view
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New school

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